Well, this page is a collection of information about me and my interests. It's not terribly special, and not terribly 'spiffy', but it has all the information that you could ever desire to know about me listed. If you want to drop me a line, feel free to do so. My contact details are listed here.

These pages don't really say anything that I wouldn't readily say to anybody via email or in an IRC session, so if you want that kind of info, you'd best ask. Mind you, there isn't much else to me (unfortunately). Strange thing however. Only recently, whilst sitting on the couch in front of the window at work, did I actually see how long my hair actually was. I mean, I've know it was like 'long', down around my waist, but I never really saw it as long. Strange isn't it how you live with something for so long, yet never actually see it for what it is.

That's the story of my love life! I never perceive that there could possibly be one, until it's already fallen through my fingers, and I have naught to do but to sigh, cry, and start over again, hoping that I do indeed get another chance, and that I don't let that chance fall away like the last one.

I am but a fool, and have never claimed otherwise
Expect less than a fool, and you shall be satisfied
Expect but a fool, and you should be gratified
Expect more than a fool, and you are but a fool yourself