Stuff that took my fancy!

Most people would call this their links page or some other absurdity. For me, this is just stuff that I took a fancy too. As you can see from the little red head in the side bar (from a never-completed game, Kokoro Wish), I do enjoy cute things. Below are some other things I've found over the time that have taken my fancy!

Web Comics

The Joy (read Hell) that IS an online web comic! Over the past number of years, it has been my pleasure to find and regularly read a growing number of online comics. Some of these have made the treterous journey into the world of paper (Megatokyo and Tea-Club to name two), and some only update on an irregular schedule, but they are all fun, and worth a read.

Named below, not in any particular order, are a number of web comics I read on a regular basis, for various different reasons. Most I like for the art style, and a few just for the characters depth and story line only. Either way, I enjoy these. I hope you do too!

There are a number of others that I read regularly, but this is a good start.