mIRC Information Page

Over the years, I have been opping on an EFNet channel called #mIRC. This channel is designed to help people get the most out of the Windows based IRC Client, mIRC. Whilst people don't always take us seriously and others try their utmost to wreak havoc on our channel, we continue coming back, and helping as we can.

Over those years, I have made a number of small scripts to help people out. They are linked to below. These are all written by myself in the entirety, and are completely supported by myself. Feel free to download one or more of them, and use them. (All that is required is to /load -rs <file>)

This routine puts your version, SSL state, [Nick:Network], away status, currently playing sound file and DCC speeds in your title bar.
This keeps your IAL lists updated for all channels you join, on all networks you join.
This allows you to retrieve your nick automatically if using your alternate nick upon network reconnection, without using your Notify list.
Automatic revolving door kicker. Kicks out those annoying join/part/join/part people. Covers quit's too!
A fully featured away script. Made it as a challenge. is a little rough around the edges.
An example script of how a user can download a file from the WWW using mIRC Sockets. It's the basis of an installer script which I haven't yet finished.
This file keeps track of the files the user sends and receives via DCC.

These ones aren't so up to date, but still work.

This file allows a user to use the inbuilt /sound, and /splay commands to launch MP3 (MPeg Layer 3 Audio) files. (mIRC v5 - v5.71)
A small game for single or multi player using mIRC Sockets. It has some problems with mIRC v5.6 however which I have to re-work.
A fully plugable flood detection routine using hash tables (testing in 5.91).
This script allows you to automatically join channels upon connection, and re-connection. This is a very old way of doing it.

I've also written some text files in order to help people get the grasp of some of the newer functionality of mIRC.

A How-To style document on how to create /dialog's under mIRC 5.5+. It lists pretty much everything you need to know, and has some example script-letts within it.
An example dialog script which has the layout of a keyboard. Can send messages, actions, and perform custom commands, without touching the keyboard.

Some resources that can help you, and where to actually get mIRC:

EFNet #mIRC Home page: http://mirc.stealth.net/
FAQ's, script-lett's, and various other mIRC related information.
Official mIRC Web Site: http://www.mirc.co.uk/
Well, Says it all!