Manga Collection

Only recently have I started collecting Manga. I usually stick to the Graphic Volume/Trade Paperback's as these are less suceptable to damage. As there is no local distribution points for these books, the cost to buy and import them is somewhat prohibitive. In America, one of these books from either Viz, Dark Horse, Tokyopop, CMX, Del-Rey, Ironcat or CPM Comics costs around $16.00, and up. Here, they can cost anywhere from $15.00 up to about $45.00.

Thankfully, I have Minotaur Books reasonably local to my place of employment to import these for me! They have a large range of Comics, Fantasy, Science Fiction books, videos, and paraphanalia. Unfortunately, they don't have their web site fully operational yet, but hopefully they will soon!

The first titles I started collecting were the 9 Battle Angel Alita (Gunnm) graphic novels. I saw the Anime, and just fell in love with the adorable main Character, Alita (Galley/Yoko).

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