GeoBreeders, and Cover Art

Geobreeders is a very fun manga series about a bunch of people who, well, let's just read you the blurb ok?

Take the X-Files, mix in some Buffy and Baywatch, and you've got Geobreeders! Kagura Security is a group of five beautiful women and one lucky man engaged in a struggle to disperse the Phantoms that lurk in the shadows of the human world. When large coroprations are menaced by supernatural forces, they call in the hot-headed professionals of the Kagura agency, who use the latest computer technology as well as ancient magic to battle poltergeists, demons, and their major nemesis, the ghostly Phantom Cats.
The company's president, Yuka Kikushima, is a firey redhead who leads her employees into the strangest situations. She tends to leap before she looks and always lands the group in hot water. Maki Umezaki dresses like Tom Wolfe, talks like Client Eastwood, and carries a big gun, but she's always ready to hop into a bathing suit and party - or do battle - on the beach. Takami Sakuragi looks like a mild-mannered computer whiz in her big glasses, but she wields a mean pair of butterfly knives when the action takes her to the streets. Eiko Rando is the mechanic and mutions expert, and Yu Himehagi is the driver who specializes in white-knuckle rides. In this first book, Learning to Love the New Job, the hapless Mr. Yoichi Taba is hired by Kagura without knowing what they really do. At first he's ready to flee for his life, but soon he comes to love the action, the excitement, and the high-spirited women of Kagura, and you will too!

Well, umm, yea.. what else can be said? :)

Below is some cover art of the books and volumes which I have collected thus far. These are delightfully presented books, and are very entertaining to read.

  Book 11 Book 17 Book 18
  Book 20 Book 21
  Book 22 Book 23 Book 24
  Book 25 Book 26
  Book 27 Book 28 Book 29
  Book 30 Book 31  
  Book 32   Book 33

And the volumes:

Geo Breeders, Volume 1   Geo Breeders, Volume 2