Who is Bekar ?

E-Mail Address : bekar@bekar.id.au
Real Name : Stuart J. Browne
Server : irc.bekar.id.au (Bekar's Place!)
Bekar is away : With the pixies : (Gone since : always)

So. You want to know who I am eh ? Well! Here goes. Stuart is a reasonably presentable gentleman who goes out of his way to be friendly with people. He isn't the sort of person who would hold a grudge against you, even if you pummeled him into a pulp! (Mind you, he would be a little wary of you in future meetings!). He doesn't turn to violence if something doesn't go his way, but tries to turn them back around his way with that flapping tongue of his.

Appearance wise, he is by no means a 'big boy', weighing in at 70kg. Measuring in at 5'9", he would never over awe you with his physical prowess (in fact, he would be surprised if you even noticed him in a crowd!). Amongst his most notable features (apart from his lack of physical size) is his hair. Affectionately called his "mass of tangles". It's his pride and joy, and doesn't know what he did without it all those years.

Full Name : Stuart James Browne
Date of Birth : March 1977 (Chinese year of the snake)
Occupation : Linux Systems Administrator, AusRegistry Group
Favorite Color : Burgundy (Black is a shade)
Favorite Food : Lasagne, Yogurt.
Favorite Pastime : Dreaming about what could never be.
Next favorite pastime : Playing with peoples hair
Playing with Computers
Reading Books
Most disliked pastime : Crying.
Favorite feeling / emotion : Happiness
Most disliked Feeling / emotion : Helplessness
Collects : Books, Fantasy books, Manga, Anime
Bottles of alcohol that I'll never drink
Movie Tickets
Proudest moment : Being offered job.
Happiest moment : errr, umm.. *Thinks real hard*
Would have to be when I was with my Step Sister Jamie.
Lowest moment : Too many to mention.