Shadow Lady, Dark Horse Comics

Meet Aimi. She's just a regular sort of girl, shy of boys, and of most of the world. Insert into the equasion a small demon, fleeing from his authorities, Demota. Add some mystical makup, and you've got our somewhat devilish heroine, Shadow Lady!

The authorities of the world are after her for stealing, well basically anything she can get her paws on. But does she do it for the aquisition of wealth? No. She does it to have fun! She announces to the authorities where she'll be, and when, then goes anyway!

All this time, she's trying to get the nerve up herself to ask the love of her life, Bright (a law enforcement officier) out, whilst trying to keep hidden her 'other' self.

These extremely playful adventures are well worth the read! The cute characture depicted is a fine example of this artist's hand. A visual delight.