Ranma 1/2, Written by Rumiko Takahashi

Ranma 1/2 is the story about a boy who, through his fathers greed and general bumbling has had some rather strange effects during his child-hood. During a training trip to China, a freak accident occurs, resulting in Ranma, the boy, not always being a boy, and his father, Genma, not always being a man.

During their training in China, Genma (being the bumbling fool he is) took his son to the "Training Ground of Accursed Springs". After battling against each other in the martial arts, Genma was the first to fall. He fell into the "Spring of drowned panda". Moments after he fell, a Giant Panda roared out of the spring, and started attacking Ranma. Moments later, Ranma fell also, into the "Spring of drowned Girl".

Now when they get splashed with cold water, they turn into the being that drowned in the spring many centuries ago.

As the sories progress, you find that Genma made many deals thoughout Ranma's childhood, and thus Ranma has 2 fiancae's. Ranma also has a Chinese Amazon chasing him who can't decide whether to marry him, or kill him. The twisted stories are full of entertaining situations. The fun never ends.

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Part Ten


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