Futaba Kun Change, IronCat Comics

Imagine for a moment that were a teenage boy, who, when becoming excited, is no longer a boy.. Imagine finding out that your father is not who you thought he was. Imagine your sister attacking you when you come to her in your darkest hour.

Futaba-kun is such a boy. One day at school, when the members on the wrestling with him, leave him with the pretection of a magazine with some explict content, he takes a look in the bathroom before class, only to fall asleep. When he awoke, he wasn't quite what he went to sleep as. Waking to find you have breasts (amongst other things) is disconcerting to say the least!

This follows the experiences of the young by Futaba-kun (and his female counter-part Futaba-chan) as he tries to navigate his and her way through adolesance, trying to avoid the pitfalls of school life, and avoid those things that girls avoid!

A crash course from his siter does nothing to lighten his spirit! This is a fantastic story with humor all the way through it. Situations are twisted, and most entertaining. A delight to read!

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