Vampire Princess Yui

Vaimpire Princess Yui followed the 'New Vaimpire Princess Miyu' in terms of publications. Unfortunately due to some unforseen annoyance, I have not yet received the very first book. So I've not spoilt it by reading any of them yet *pout* (Ok, so I'm kinda weird. Been collecting a title for over a year, and haven't read one yet!).

Here is a quick description from Studio Ironcat, the American distributers however:

This is the tale of Yui, a half human half vampire born to Sayuri, carrier of "Shi" blood. Yui's father died before she was born and her mother would follow soon after. In New Vampire Princess Miyu, Yui was introduced as Miyu's sister...and daughter!? Find out as the mysteries begin to unravel...

Part 1


Part 2


Part 3


Note about v3#5: It is mis-labeled as Vol7#5. I'm unsure as to what the cause of this is however!