Silent Mobius, and Cover Art

So what is Silent Mobius?

The following paragraph is taken from the blurb of the first volume of the series. It's a brief description of what the series entails.

"In the 21st century the 'Entities' came...and the human race needed new hereos. Meet the A.M.P. (Abnormal Mystery Police), six young women with psychic and super powers ready and willing to do combat with the worst monsters, megadynes, and drangs that future Tokyo has to offer!"

As mentioned above, this series starts some 30 years in the future (2026) with the six young women as the central characters. The author (Kia Asimiya (See "Steam Detectives" and "Nadeseco" also)) goes into the lives of these young women, showing their pasts, giving depth to characters that most manga series never reach. His art work is superb (as can be seen from the cover art shots below), and is most definately worth the read.

The main characters are all young women with various abilities, and backgrounds. Their names are as follows:

Unfortunately, I only found this series after it had started, and thus only have the more recent covers available. Given the cost of importing these items, I'm afraid I might never be able to get the entire collection here. But here you go! Enjoy!

Into the Labyrinth

Into the Labyrinth, Book 1 Into the Labyrinth, Book 2 Into the Labyrinth, Book 3 Into the Labyrinth, Book 4 Into the Labyrinth, Book 5 Into the Labyrinth, Book 6


Karma, Book 1 Karma, Book 2 Karma, Book 3 Karma, Book 4 Karma, Book 5 Karma, Book 6 Karma, Book 7


Catastrophe, Book 1 Catastrophe, Book 2 Catastrophe, Book 3 Catastrophe, Book 4 Catastrophe, Book 5 Catastrophe, Book 6

Love and Chaos

Love and Chaos, Book 1 Love and Chaos, Book 2 Love and Chaos, Book 3 Love and Chaos, Book 4 Love and Chaos, Book 5 Love and Chaos, Book 6 Love and Chaos, Book 7


Advent, Book 1 Advent, Book 2 Advent, Book 3 Advent, Book 4 Advent, Book 5 Advent, Book 6


TurnAbout, Book 1

Graphic Novel Volumes

To make collecting these comics easier, distributors package the series of comics into Volumes. These volumes take on the name of Graphic Novels, due to their size and pictorial content. So far, Viz (the distributor of the series) has released 6 volumes. Their cover art is available below.

Volume 1 Volume 2 Volume 3 Volume 4 Volume 5 Volume 6